A World of Hope

For two years we were planning to put together a music CD to help raise money that could fund some of our work. In 2016 we started to contact the musicians we knew and others that we didn’t but who’s music we admired.

The idea soon became reality as more and more of them said that they would be happy to donate a song. In fact so many of those, that we approached, said yes that we had enough songs for a double CD.


The title, A World of Hope, comes from the lyrics to Jo Hamilton’s ‘There It Is’ (one of the first tracks contributed to the project) and it is a fitting name for an album that features 26 songs of war and peace, of hope and of love, of living life to the full, of not giving up and of having the courage to face adversity.

It includes acts that have truly earned the right to be called legends, Grammy award nominees, multiple BBC Folk Award winners, acts that have enjoyed chart success and artists that spend their lives travelling the world to get their music heard. From octogenarian Peggy Seeger to teenager Breeze Redwine, every single one of the artists has donated a track to this album because they want to help build a world in which people care for other human beings without discrimination, prejudice, violence and hate.

Using specially commissioned illustrations by Pearl Bates we created the artwork designs and then started the process of raising the money to get the CD manufactured through crowdfunding. The crowdfunding campaign was hard work but successful and in December 2016 we received the boxes of CDs form the manufacturer. People who had pre-ordered the CD as part of the crowdfunding received there copy in time for Christmas and it was made available for others to buy directly from our website.

The CD was officially released in the UK on March 10th 2017 and shoudl be available to buy from your favourite record store on the high street or online. It is also still available to buy direct from our web store.

We hope to put on an A World of Hope concert in 2017 to officially launch the album.

The final tracklisting for A World of Hope is:

CD One:

  1. Lau – Ghosts (Richard J Birkin Mix) (previously unreleased on CD)
  2. Sophie Ramsay – Crocuses
  3. Peggy Seeger – Nero’s Children
  4. Breeze – Courage (Piano Version)
  5. Hothouse Flowers – Your Love Goes On
  6. Kris Drever – I Didn’t Try Hard Enough
  7. Hafdis Huld – One of Those Things
  8. Jake Morley – Start Again
  9. Lisa Von H – Home (previously unreleased)
  10. Lisa Redford – Live Your Life
  11. Holly Lerski – Ark (Refrain) (previously unreleased)
  12. Talk Show – Hello Beautiful (previously unreleased)
  13. Oysterband – Fiddle or a Gun

CD Two:

  1. Linda Thompson – Paddy’s Lamentation (A Capella)
  2. O’Hooley & Tidow – Peculiar Brood
  3. Suburban Dirts – Eli
  4. Findlay Napier – Camarory (previously unreleased)
  5. Jonathan Day – Strange Meetings
  6. Boo Hewerdine – Peacetime
  7. Marcus Valance – Magic of the Sun (previously unreleased on CD)
  8. Horse – Some Wonderful
  9. Astrid Williamson & Matt Coldrick – Arms of My Father (previously unreleased)
  10. Andrea Glass – Peacetime
  11. Dan Whitehouse – There’s A Lot of Things I Don’t Understand
  12. Peter James Millson – We’ve Got It All (previously unreleased)
  13. Jo Hamilton – There It Is

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who pre-ordered the CD or donated to the crowdfunding and to everyone who shared the link. We couldn’t have got this far without the support of Kerry Harvey-Piper at Red Grape, Tom Rose at Reveal Records, Mark Freegard and all of the contributing acts.