Following the idea of Socktober/Stoptober and Movember, in 2015 we though it would be great to launch Peacember – a month long celebration of peace and the organisations and individuals that work so hard to achieve it. We also believe it would be great to have this time for finding unity between humans in a time of violence, conflict and intolerance.

Once we had the idea, we contaced several other orgnaisations to see what they thought. The response was unanimous: “Great idea! Let’s do it!”

Through many conversations over the last few months, we decided that an ideal way to get people, around the world, involved in celebrating and creating peace, tolerance and unity, was through a set of Actions – activities that could encourage and inspire change.

The final twelve actions are simple enough for everyone to participate in. We hope you will try to accomplish one, it would be great if you could manage more. We ask that you share your activities with us as well as on social media (use hashtag #peacember). You may also have your own ideas about ways to encourage peace in your community and are happy for you to share these with us, and the world, too.

We hoped 2015 would be the first annual Peacember but, due to other commitments we couldn’t do it in 2016. We hope to relaunch in 2017 and every subsequent year though.

We want Peacember will one day be an event supported by millions of people in lots of different countries.