Sadako Sasaki Postcard Pack

The complete Sadako Sasaki Postcard Pack

A few weeks ago, I was trawling the internet for new peace quotes to use on social media or future postcards when I came across this:

“I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world.”

Sadako's memorial in HiroshimaIt was credited to Sadako Sasaki. The name was not familiar so Iooked it up on Wikipedia. I was incredibly moved by the story I read…

Sadako Sasaki died in 1955 from an illness caused by the radiation poisoning she was exposed to ten years earlier when, aged two, the atomic bomb had been dropped on her home town of Hiroshima. According to Japanese legend, anyone who makes one thousand paper cranes will have their wish granted by the gods. As she lay dying in hospital, Sadako folded over 1,500 paper cranes and although she didn’t recover her health, her story is now told around the world and every year paper cranes are sent to her memorial in Hiroshima.


Around the same time as I was doing this research, I was having a conversation about Postcards For Peace on with a supporter in America ( was devised by model Lily Cole as a website/app where people can share their wishes and others can offer their help and support. Check it out – it is really great!). Completely unaware of what I’d just read, she mentioned the story of Sadako Sasaki to me. It was obvious that some force was at work to make sure that I heard the story at the point and that I was meant to do something with it, more than just post the quote on Twitter.

After a couple of months of research and development, I’m delighted to now be able to launch a very special postcard gift pack. Each pack comes with an abbreviated version of Sadako Sasaki’s story, five original postcards, five sheets of brightly coloured origami paper and instructions for folding a paper crane.


The feedback we have received from those people fortunate to have received a glimpse of the pack has been amazing and we believe the pack would make a fantastic gift for anyone aged 8 to 80. The pack is available to pre-order now from our online shop.

Thank you to Frankie at I Love Pattern for creating two of the postcard designs for us.

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