Register your “Unite The World” card


If you have received one of our Unite The World cards, please complete the form below. It would be very useful if you could upload a picture of yourself with your card.

  1. Complete the form (below) with your details and, if possible, upload a picture of yourself with the card before submitting it. Once we receive your completed form, we will add your location to the map.
  2. Write your name and location on the inside of this card before putting it in an envelope to send to the next person.
  3. You are free to send the card to anyone you want but please consider:
    – Do you know someone who would make an interesting recipient?
    – Do you know someone in a different country?
    – By all means, send it to a celebrity but only if you know that they will actually receive it.
    – Will the person who receives the card want to take part in this project? Perhaps contact them first to ask.
    – Can the person you are sending it to afford the postage to send it onwards?
  4. Feel free to include a personal note with the card but please use separate sheets of paper.
  5. Keep visiting the Postcards For Peace website to track the cards as they travel the world.
  • Please tell us the number of the card you received. This is printed on the reverse of the card.
  • Your name
  • The village, town or city in which you live
  • The country in which you live
  • Please tell us your email address in case we need to contact you.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    We would love to share a picture of you with the card before you send it on.
  • Please leave us note if you would like to share any other information about the project.
  • For reference, please tell us the country you are sending the card on to.